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make believe, hj welch

Make Believe (Paddle Creek Daddies #6) by HJ Welch – Free eBooks Download


One scorned doll. His enemy’s straight father. Is it revenge, or could this be true love?

Secretly fooling around with a closeted D-bag like Logan McKenna was always a bad idea. So I ended it, much to his fury. Retribution is swift, and his humiliation of me is devastating. I can’t let him get away with it, though. That’s why a chance meeting with his supposedly straight father seems like the perfect revenge scheme. I’ll seduce him with my alter ego, Kiki the living doll, and once I have some juicy photos, I’ll ruin the entire family.
Except Rafferty McKenna is nothing like his son. He’s kind, thoughtful, tender, and not to mention hot as all sin. I’ve been broken down by not only his son but my homophobic family and my callous ex-Daddy. But as Rafferty starts to piece me back together with love and care, can I really go through with this plan of mine?

When a living doll throws himself at me, it doesn’t matter that he’s a boy not a girl. He’s simply mine and I can do whatever I want with him. One passionate encounter at a party won’t do, so I invite him to stay with me for a weekend, but even that’s not enough. He makes me feel alive in a way my failed marriage never has. However, as our connection gets deeper, I can tell he’s keeping secrets. This is just a fling, and I can’t seriously be thinking about burning my whole life down for something that’s not even real. Right?

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