Mail Order Misprint by Kirsten Osbourne (ePUB)

mail order misprint, kirsten osbourne

Mail Order Misprint (Brides of Beckham #41) by Kirsten Osbourne – Free eBooks Download


Sydney Weatherby prefers riding her bicycle and working with orphans to going to parties where she is expected to flirt and find a man to marry. She scandalizes both her mother and potential mothers-in-law by wearing bloomers every chance she gets.
Finally, fed up with her mother’s interfering, she seeks out a matchmaker and asks to go west as a mail-order bride. Arriving in Fort Worth is many things she didn’t expect and few that she did.
Riding her bike to her matchmaker’s sister’s house, she prays that the woman will help her, even though she is a stranger.
Lewis Dailey takes one look at Sydney and he knows he wants to marry her. He starts courting her that evening, and prays she will choose him as a husband since the marriage she thought she was traveling to Texas for won’t work out.

Will Sydney be able to see past her new-found freedom to the love of the man in front of her? Or will she pass him up in favor of living a life of independence?

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