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mail order mayor, kirsten osbourne

Mail Order Mayor (Brides of Beckham #56) by Kirsten Osbourne – Free eBooks Download


Rosie Winslow has always tried to look at the bright side of things. When her mother died, even though she knew she would miss her mother terribly, Rosie was relieved because it meant she and her sisters could escape their abusive father. When she and her sisters decide to go west as mail-order brides, she is thrilled to meet her handsome husband, the mayor of Hope Springs.
Charles Jordan has been married before, and he doesn’t want this marriage to be anything like his first. Having been married to a controlling woman, he wants this marriage to be more equitable. He spots Rosie, and when he sees her beauty, he worries he’s going down the same path as before.
Rosie and Charles get along great, all except for one thing. Charles doesn’t seem to want to touch her, and Rosie feels as if she’s done something wrong. Despite that, she helps him with his work and does all she can to be the best wife he can be.
When she’s offered another place to live with someone who loves her dearly, she must decided if she will stay with Charles or leave. Is there hope for this couple? Can they finally discuss what the problem is and leave it behind them?

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