Magical Midlife Challenge by K.F. Breene (ePUB)

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Magical Midlife Challenge (Leveling Up #6) by K.F. Breene – Free eBooks Download


The signs are unmistakable, Momar isn’t just targeting Austin’s brother.
When one of Momar’s grunts breaks into Austin’s territory looking to grab Jessie for questioning, Jessie and her crew realize they are under fire. In order to protect themselves, it becomes obvious they need backup.
Thankfully, the basajaun’s people have invited Jessie and her crew into the basajaunak lands. This is their golden opportunity to seek their help.
The problem is, a host of mages and mercenaries are following them. Once they take Jessie this time it won’t be just for questioning, and she won’t be coming back.
To omit this detail to the basajaunak would result in punishment. And everyone knows “punishment” with basajaunak is synonymous with an unmarked grave. But to tell them would get their visit canceled and force them to face the threat alone. Either way could mean certain death.
Decisions, decisions.
Welcome back to O’Briens, where the only certainty is that nothing is normal.

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