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Magic Word (Witches of Windsor #2) by A.S. Fenichel – Free eBooks Download


While I prefer simple magics, and hide my more deadly skills, I can defend myself. My gift, shield magic, makes me impervious to dark magic, so my coven sent me to determine what evil lurks inside the Kent coven in the town of Maidstone. I’m to stay with a trusted nonmagical apothecary who has petitioned for entry to the Witches of Windsor. Jonah Allen lives outside of Maidstone. I’ll be safe at his home. I expect to find a bookish man bent over his concoctions, but instead, I find a hulking bear of a man who stimulates more than my intellect…

Though born to a powerful witch, I have no practical magic. Forced from my birth coven, I use my knowledge of medicines in nature as an apothecary, but living among ordinary people is a foreign, lonely existence. I’ve heard the Windsor coven is more open-minded about membership, and I have nothing to lose by requesting admission.

Windsor sends a powerful witch to stay with me while she investigates the local coven. One look at Minerva Honeywell shatters everything I thought I knew about witches. She’s kind and thoughtful, and I’m under her spell from the start. My future in her coven—and in her life—depend on us finding the source of dark magic and keeping it far from Windsor and the king.

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