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For a decade, I’ve managed to dodge getting assigned to photograph my brother’s rock band, Young Decay. That is until one of our photographers tries to get a photo of the band’s most elusive and private member.
It’s only for ten days. Just long enough to capture their Halloween homecoming show run and while they find a permanent replacement.
I’m set for home, thinking I can avoid all the fears going home comes with. Fears that I’ve been running from for years now.
I expect the darkness of the past to dig its claws into me and threaten never to let go.
However, I don’t expect to find someone who sees my darkness not as a flaw but as another beautiful part of who I am. And I especially don’t expect that someone to be my brother’s best friend, Young Decay’s masked bassist, Mads Tourning.
Or as I know him… Maddox Keynes

Since Young Decay’s early days, my privacy has been a part of me I’ve clung to. I’m used to wearing the mask day in and day out, hiding myself from anyone who might want a glimpse.
They don’t expect to find a monster running from his past, hoping people will forget he even exists.
Yet, here I am heading home for our band’s Halloween homecoming run.
I’m ready to shed my mask and finally breathe a little in front of the people who took me in as a kid, and even to see the woman I’ve had a crush on for a decade.
I never expected to one day have her in my arms, to share the darkest corners of my soul with.
And now that I have her… I’ll do anything to keep her.
Even if it means losing everything.

MADNESS is a brother’s best friend, masked rockstar, dark romance.

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