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mabel 2, erin r flynn

Mabel 2 (Tantalizing Trilogies #5) by Erin R Flynn – Free eBooks Download


Now that Mabel is divorced and her family has come back into the picture, she’s not surprised it’s all about money. She is the only reason that her family wasn’t ruined, and then they sold her to bring the family a deal they could not get on their own.
And they will stop at nothing to get that money, especially now that they know Mabel outsmarted them and changed her name. It’s clear that her father hoped to kill her so they would inherit her vast wealth, but there are several people who will make sure that never happens.
If she recovers from Count Sunde’s attack.
Andre is beside himself at the mistakes he and his men made that led to Mabel being brutally injured. When he finds out that the Sundes are working with the Matthias family to get their money back and probably murder Mabel, he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.
Ian will wipe out the Sunde family before he allows them to hurt Mabel again, and not because she’s a saint. She’s the one person who sees him as Ian, not a Brooker or a member of the royal family. She’s the one chance he has left at happiness, and he needs her in his life.
Now if she would simply let him protect her and take care of her the way she deserves, things would go much smoother. Apparently, he will have to use his charms to make her agree to what he wants.
Even if Andre is doing the same.

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