Lyra’s Protector by Ellie Masters (ePUB)

lyra's protector, ellie masters

Lyra’s Protector (Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialists: Personal Protection Specialists #2) by Ellie Masters – Free eBooks Download


A girl-geek and computer nerd, I dove deep into the dark web, snooped where I shouldn’t have snooped, learned things I wish I didn’t know. Now, despicable people with vile secrets are after me.
They want me to take their secrets to my very early grave.
They tried burning me alive, but I survived.
They try putting a bullet between my eyes…
But a real-life hero and former Navy SEAL saves my life.
Reid Sawyer deserves a ‘Thank you.’
Instead, I turn my back on him, run away, and disappear like the ghost I am.
But when things go from bad to worse, I reach out to the brave warrior.
Who better than a handsome Personal Protection Specialist, former Navy SEAL, and member of the Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialists to save me?
Now, we’re on the run, but that doesn’t stop the heat building between us or the attraction pulling us together.
It does nothing to stop me from wanting Reid to guard more than my body.
He’s my Guardian Protector, my bodyguard, and quickly becoming much more.
But what do I do when protecting me may very well cost him his life?

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