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Lynx (Graffiti Street Tattoo #2) by Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


I know his type and that’s why I told my sister I wanted her to do my design.
But Aviana’s being her normal difficult self, so if I want this tatt and I don’t want to wait for six weeks for someone else to open up, it’s me and Lynx Cafferty.
Lynx is the shop’s known flirt, but there’s something innocent and broken about him.
It’s something…different and I’ve had same-old, same-old lately, and it gets old to have my heartbroken.
When we share our lives over the next two days I see the real him.
I never would have thought he had a secret like this.
The flirt…the tease…it’s all a screen for the pain inside of him.
Can I help him see that I’m here for him and I always will be?

My coworker Aviana would kill me if I dated her baby sister.
But I’m known for making bad choices and falling for Coco Ryland might be a really good bad choice.
When she finds out that what I’m hiding isn’t a bad tattoo, she’s cautious.
I’m not embarrassed by the truth. I’m protective—of head and my heart.
Can I open up and be that vulnerable man she desires or will I go back into my lonely cocoon?

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