Lucy Loves Him Not by Rebecca Jo Jackson (ePUB)

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Lucy Loves Him Not (Sweet River #2) by Rebecca Jo Jackson – Free eBooks Download


Lucy Rhodes finished the school year as a kindergarten teacher and she’s excited to get started on her decade-long summer tradition of running the Sweet River Summer Festival. A tradition started by her grandmother, but for the past few years Lucy has carried it on herself in honor of that beloved memory.
But, this summer, the new city manager Adam, throws a major wrench in Lucy’s tradition and seems set on ruining her perfectly set plans.
After a meet-disaster, and the drawing up of an extensive contract, Adam and Lucy decide to work together on the festival. Even if it might drive her crazy.
While working together they realize the Texas summer isn’t the only thing heating up. Adam’s looking for a place, or a person, to call home. And Lucy’s big heart has room to spare.

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