Lucky Left Wing by M. J. Padgett (ePUB)

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Lucky Left Wing (Dating a Denver Dragon #6) by M. J. Padgett – Free eBooks Download


The Denver Dragons’ team mascot is an enigma, and Finchley Bennett likes it that way. When the gymnast puts on the dragon uniform and performs death-defying stunts in front of huge crowds, it’s the fulfillment of her life’s dream. Keeping her identity a secret is part of the show’s appeal, but it also allows Finchley to do what she loves without her father’s judgment looming over her.

Aiden Doyle never met a mountain he couldn’t conquer or a dare he didn’t win, but his best friend’s latest challenge might prove to be what breaks his winning streak. Unmasking the team’s mascot will not be easy, but Aiden’s need to fit in with his teammates drives him to do things he shouldn’t… like following her home after a late game.
When Aiden discovers Finchley’s secret—quite by accident—he is shocked to the core. How did his high school girlfriend manage to trick even him? Finchley begs Aiden to keep her secret, reminding him what will happen if anyone discovers her identity, but Aiden isn’t quite ready to be the laughing stock of the Dragons.
To save her career, Finchley proposes they work together to pull a major prank on the team, one that will make them forget all about the silly dare. Only working together brings back feelings that never really went away, and with two reputations on the line, neither can afford to break their façade.

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