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Lucky Charm (The Holiday #12) by Jisa Dean – Free eBooks Download


Lucky doesn’t feel like she lives up to her name. Not only is her day going badly, she just found out her boyfriend is cheating on her…with her mother. To make matters even worse the head of her ad agency just found her soaked from the rain and crying at her desk looking the most unprofessional she’s ever been. But instead of firing her, he’s got a proposition for her. One that’s going to change her life. He wants Lucky to be his new good luck charm, but not just for a little while. This rich CEO wants forever.

I’ve had my eye on Lucky longer than I should have. I’ve played it close to the vest and bided my time. I thought it would take months of wooing to make her mine, but it looks like my luck is turning. Not only is my Lucky Charm now within my grasp but I’m going to make sure she never has a reason to walk away from me without wanting to hurry back. I might be just an Irish businessman who made a couple of good decisions in life but Lucky is the treasure at the end of my rainbow and I plan to keep her all to myself…forever!

Hold on to your shamrocks! I have a new Holiday book for you guys. And this one is magically delicious. I put all the favorites in there, a virgin heroine who just needs a break, a handsome billionaire willing to give her more than a break, and a happy ever after that even a leprechaun would pay for. So put your green on and get ready to fall in love with Dalton and Lucky this St. Patrick’s day.

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