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Lucky Break (Lucky Break #1) by Hope Malone – Free eBooks Download


She never thought she’d move back to Coogan’s Break, and yet here she is renovating a house even the cockroaches are giving the side eye. Meanwhile, he’s a single dad with the skills—and the body—to help her out. The question is, will the house be all that ends up flipped?

I should have waited, but like so many decisions in my life, buying the fixer upper was a spur of the moment. Still grieving the death of my grandmother, I hadn’t been thinking straight, with this mostly down to guilt at not having visited her as often as I should.
The least I can do is to invest the money she’s left me, wisely, although when my foot goes through the floor in the hallway, it’s not looking good. I can’t say the same about Tyler Vance when he arrives, offering to help. The man is hotter than hot, and I didn’t even need to get my stud finder out.

When my boss gave me an address scribbled on a piece of paper, I knew it was another of his charity cases. As the company name implied, Ethan was all about giving people lucky breaks. He’d sure as hell given me my own when he took pity on me.
When I knock on the door of the derelict house I’ve been sent to, the last thing I expect is for the door to actually open. The other thing I’ve not expected is to be knocked senseless by Lily Finnegan, the dark-haired beauty before me. There’s something about a woman who knows her way around tools.

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