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loyalty, tana stone

Loyalty (Warriors of the Drexian Academy #2) by Tana Stone – Free eBooks Download


An Assassin and a Blade.
A human and a Drexian.
High-born and working class.
Will choosing each other be our ruin?
The cocky, high-born cadet is everything I despise and nothing I need. So why did I agree to his deal?

Because it wasn’t a deal, it was blackmail. The arrogant Drexian gave me the choice—throw my friends under the bus or tutor him. Easy choice, even if I suspect he wants more from me than my brains.
Just as I’m getting accustomed to the ancient alien academy and what it means to be a member of the School of Strategy—also called the Assassins—I’m forced to secretly coach a Blade after hours. And I know better than to go back on our deal. You don’t cross the Blades.
But when our lessons take a steamy turn, can I keep my head in the game—and my heart out of it? After all, a hot, brawny warrior like him wouldn’t fall for a brainiac like me, would he?
Then again, maybe he’s the one who should be worried about his heart. You know what they say. Beware of the Assassins.

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