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loving jemima, sienna waters

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Can the truth really set you free?
Jemima Darlington has a secret, one that’s she’s determined to keep from her rich, intolerant family. Until fate steps in and she’s forced to work with the only woman that’s ever turned her down, and the one person who can spill the truth. Jem’s got two options: trust Ellie or go nuclear and get her fired. And she’s never been one for subtlety.
Ellie Baker has spent her life building up her party planning business, and the Darlington Bank anniversary party is a make or break opportunity. Her life is comfortable, and the last thing she needs is for Jem Darlington to show up with her stupid pretty face and penchant for sabotage. She’s got panic attacks and mold in the bathroom to deal with, after all.
But being forced together means Jem and Ellie can’t help but start to see each other in a different light. And soon, the anniversary party becomes the least important thing on their minds. They just can’t keep their hands off each other, no matter how inappropriate that may be. Until they both have to decide what’s more important: a comfortable life, or the truth?
Add in a glamorous assistant, a Welsh socialist who can’t decide what she wants, a next door neighbor who isn’t at all what he seems, a fake boyfriend with secrets of his own, and a cat who just wants to sleep on the couch, and eventually the truth will out. But will Ellie and Jem be able to survive the fall-out?

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