Loving Her Cowboy Pretend Husband by Rose Verde (ePUB)

loving her cowboy, rose verde

Loving Her Cowboy Pretend Husband (Caruthers Siblings Of FootHills #4) by Rose Verde – Free eBooks Download


An impulsive proposal, a fake marriage, a complicated arrangement that soon unravels.

Amira Haddad’s study visa expires in a few weeks and she has to go back home. Except that it’s not home because she has no legal status there either. Every effort she makes isn’t panning out. She’s not only in a bind at this point, this is the only way she and her sister she’s cared for all her life can be together. Desperate, she asks her supervisor at her summer job for help.
Yates Caruthers is struggling with his feelings for Amira. She’s way too young for him. What did that make him? Until she asks for his help in getting her papers. When all his ideas fail, Yates proposes to Amira, no strings attached. The hardest part will be letting Amira go.
Now, they’re married, and Yates is determined to court Amira and make her fall in love with him. Except Amira is resistant to his efforts despite being in love with him. It’s supposed to be a fake marriage, right?

Just when Yates thinks he’s succeeded, everything falls apart. Can they find a way back to each other?

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