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Loving AIDAn (Bernard Frankenheimer Center #3) by Troy Hunter – Free eBooks Download


Some humans are just really bad at being human. Maybe artificial intelligence is the answer. Is a synthetic human any less human? There will always be things that can’t be predicted—that’s the nature of science.

Being a research scientist isn’t all about black and white. When Jeffrey Patel realizes what he’s helped create in the lab at the Bernard Frankenheimer Center, he starts to question everything…not least his own life and humanity. Is it right to create the perfect man just as a love partner, a sex slave? What is human? AIDAn may be perfect but he isn’t entirely human, even the human DNA used to create him is not entirely human, but that doesn’t mean he lacks humanity. He’s become aware, he feels emotion like any human, he has the capacity to love…and AIDAn loves Jeffrey.

Jeffrey doesn’t know if he can love this beautiful creation, this machine, but maybe AIDAn can teach him a thing or two about how to love…unless Dr. Taylor Slickberg finds him first. Suspend belief and discover the real meaning of humanity in this Sci-Fi tale of love and romance with an M/preg twist.

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