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Love Worth Making (Love’s Worth #2) by Kay Knolls – Free eBooks Download


Planning a wedding with a bossy, annoying frenemy is hard enough, but things really get complicated after we land in bed together.
Nadia and I are like oil and water, but we’ll put aside our differences to get our best friends down the aisle. Working closely with Nadia causes me to realize she and I aren’t so different. There’s no denying there’s chemistry between us. Things really get complicated after we sleep together. I think I’m falling in love with her. But, Nadia’s got her secrets. While I’m falling head-first off a cliff in love with her, she’s holding back. Am I only setting myself up for heartbreak?
Jake is just my type: tall, handsome, bossy and take-charge. He bosses everyone around, including me, and while I should be offended, more and more I’m finding myself attracted to him. We’ve agreed to work side by side to plan our best friends’ wedding, but with every passing moment together, I’m falling in love with him. I know better though. Love makes me do stupid things and only leaves me hurt. I should keep my walls up, even if Jake makes me want to take a chance on him.
But when secrets from my past come to light in a way that jeopardizes Jake’s career and our relationship, I’m left fighting for a love I didn’t realize I wanted.

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