Love Op by Devon Atwood (ePUB)

love op, devon atwood

Love Op (Love and Other Jobs #5) by Devon Atwood – Free eBooks Download


She’s on the run.
He’s on the hunt.
But who will get caught in the end?
Mattie Thorne has been on the run from her parents for almost two years. She’s being chased by a ruthless mercenary named Ghost, but somehow, she always manages to escape his capture attempts. Until one day, her time is finally up. Mattie “The Bunny” Thorne ends up well and truly captured by the enigmatic, blue-eyed Ghost, and it seems like her freedom might be lost. But then she glimpses something unexpected in her handsome captor–empathy. Taking a chance, Mattie offers him a deal: Help her ruin her billionaire parents, and she will pay him four million dollars.

Kael has been known as “Ghost” for longer than he can remember. He has a perfect reputation for efficiency, coldhearted precision, and a marked lack of conscience in his chosen field. He’s the perfect mercenary… except when it comes to Bunny. With her rabbit-eared hoodies and devilish, teasing smiles, she has eluded him and haunted him for months. But just when he finally has her, Kael realizes that Mattie is not all that she seems. Her circumstances have her wrapped in dark shadows that could squeeze the laughing, bright light from her eyes for good, and now she’s asking for his help. When Kael hears what she’s really up against, he comes face to face with a sobering truth: The darkness that has Mattie cornered might just take a deadly Ghost to dispel.

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