Love on the Rocks by Kimberly Carrillo (ePUB)

love on rocks, kimberly carrillo

Love on the Rocks (Broken Vows) by Kimberly Carrillo – Free eBooks Download


Over a decade ago, Bess burst into my life and changed it forever. It was like I was living in black and white, and she was technicolor. I’ve been chasing after her ever since.

We’ve been married for ten years, run a business together, have a child, and I still feel like I’m chasing her. Only now I feel like she might be slipping away.
I know she loves me as much as I love her, and I never want to be with anyone else, but there’s been something missing between us lately. That spark that has always made us burn hot has fizzled out.

This Valentine’s Day, I need to take drastic action to get us back on track or the drinks in my bar won’t be the only thing on the rocks.

This is a companion novella and must be read after reading at least Two Wrongs, but it falls after Stealing Home.

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