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Love On The Line (The Seattle Mavericks #2) by Nicole Cubba – Free eBooks Download


Maren Rivers lives her life following three scientific principles: Cheez-Its can solve any problem, climate change is very real, and Jack Walters is bad, bad news.
Since she met the six-foot-five, tattoo-covered, NFL lineman nearly two years ago, Maren has done everything within her power to avoid the warm and fuzzy feeling that appears whenever Jack is near. But so far, Maren’s arsenal of withering looks and snide comments has done nothing against Jack’s goofy smile and optimistic attitude.
As the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding, it’s Maren’s job to plan a joint bachelor-bachelorette getaway. The only request from the bride and groom? Jack helps her plan the trip. Maren’s answer to that request is simple. No way. Avoiding her teensy, tiny feelings for sunny Jack Walters was a Herculean feat before she knew he supports marine conservation. Now? It’s nearly impossible. Worse, if anyone can tear down the walls that Maren has painstakingly built around her heart, it’s Jack. As Maren spends time with Jack, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny how she feels, leaving her with a decision to make. Does she fortify her walls and keep Jack out, or does she gamble with her heart and put her love on the line?

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