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love me once, eliza lloyd

Love Me Once (The Infamous Forresters #3) by Eliza Lloyd – Free eBooks Download


There is no one for her but Roman Forrester. Unfortunately, he has a mistress – England.
Shelene Hightower has loved Roman since she was sixteen, riding horses together in the golden hills of Andalucía. He loved her in return except he still kept his mistress – England. And she was a cruel mistress, taking Roman from her at will, sending him on assignments for the Crown to faraway places. There came a day when she had to tell him no. She’d seen the half-life her mother had lived while her father was at sea, commanding one of the Crown’s most formidable ships.

For Roman, the grapevine was a horrible way to learn another had proposed to Shelene. Bearing the bad news of her father’s death was a horrible way to arrive at her doorstep. Again.

It was like this every time. The desperate longing for her and fighting against his nature – just one more adventure, one more secret uncovered. This time things had be different. And they would be, except he has one final mission to recapture the Spanish mercenary, Belgrano. Shelene’s uncle.

Shelene can’t fault him for wanting to know the truth about her father’s death, but she can’t forgive him for leaving her again. Roman can keep England; she is going home to Spain to reclaim her mother’s family estate and learn to live again. Without him.

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