Love in the Spotlight by Emery Cruz (ePUB)

love in spotlight, emery cruz

Love in the Spotlight (When the Stars Align #3) by Emery Cruz – Free eBooks Download


I didn’t start the conversation with Teddy, but now all I want is for it to continue.

Ready to leave modeling behind, I strut into an A-lister event to pitch my cosmetics line. Investors are swarming until a self-absorbed movie star barges in and asks me out. I’m dumbfounded when the investors scatter, but Teddy is good looking, famous, and most importantly, rich.
A few dates certainly couldn’t hurt.
Teddy’s agent thinks I’m bad news, but dating him is better publicity than modeling. When Teddy and I become closer, though, his agent makes him choose between me and his career. Hurt when he hesitates, I end it for him.
Depressed and alone, I cling to his fading spotlight and release my cosmetics line early. When sales explode, the press claims our relationship was a stunt to sell products, which was maybe true…at first.
When my personal life implodes, I realize the one solid thing in my life had been Teddy, and I’d let ambition ruin that.

He has no reason to take me back, but with the rest of my life in ruins, I have nothing left to lose.

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