Love At Frost Bite: Donny by Aria Grace (ePUB)

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Love At Frost Bite: Donny (Mated To His Reindeer) by Aria Grace – Free eBooks Download


Some gifts don’t come in a neat little package with a bow on top.

Donny was raised to help others. As an alpha reindeer and the top woodsmith in the village, he grew up always building for others and making sure they had what they needed. And he loved that. But as he’s gotten older, he’s realized that if he truly wants to be happy, he may have to put himself first once in a while.
Chad loves Christmas time. The lights, the songs, the cookies–it’s everything that brings him joy in life. Which leaves him without much joy the rest of the year. As a single omega who isn’t getting any younger, he’s coming closer to accepting the fact that he’ll always be alone. And those few months of happiness are all he has to hold on to.
But when a tragic accident takes Chad’s sister and leaves her baby in the custody of his birth father, Donny, everything changes for the two men. They are forced to take care of this baby but it’s not a burden for either of them. Despite being conflicted about their reasons, they quickly fall into a happily ever after that neither one of them saw coming.

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