Lost to Witchcraft by Molly Tullis (ePUB)

lost to witchcraft, molly tullis

Lost to Witchcraft (The Asphodel #2) by Molly Tullis – Free eBooks Download


Deep beneath Greece, Hecate serves the devoted from her home in the Underworld, keeping far away from the dalliances of men, gods, and the world that broke her heart.
When Hera curses one man in particular, Hecate finds herself swept up in the affairs of the pantheon, and begins to wonder if she’s intervening for the right reasons — or the right man.
Aeëtes is both a prince and a demigod, who has never entirely fit into the realm of gods or men. He has always done what princes do best — run away — until a meeting with the Queen of the Gods results in Aeëtes being drawn into the politics of Olympus.
Few mortals and immortals alike know the expanse of Hecate’s true power, and when she vows to protect Aeëtes from Hera’s wrath, no one can be ready for what’s unleashed.
Hecate and Aeëtes are going to have to work together to avoid Hera’s clutches, but both will have to lower the walls around their hearts and learn to trust each other if they are going to survive.

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