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lost, scarlett finn

Lost (Lost & Found #1) by Scarlett Finn – Free eBooks Download


When Grammie Marigold tells Poppy Granger to run, to flee and be free, Poppy doesn’t hesitate.
Poppy only recognized the moment after Marigold put a spotlight on it. Freedom. She had a chance. A brief flicker of time to get out there and live in the real world.

If there was one thing Grammie Marigold believed in above everything else, it was love. Real love. True love. Love that didn’t care about her fortune. Didn’t care about status or society or opinion. After what just happened at the altar during her sister’s wedding, Poppy is the scarlet woman. The outcast. The one everyone will whisper about.

Rather than sticking around to be sneered at, Poppy takes Grammie’s advice and ventures out into the world. The real world. The one far from the family name and expectation. Poppy doesn’t believe she’ll find her Prince Charming on the city streets, all she wants to do is live. Life, as it turns out, has its own ideas and what’s supposed to be a simple apartment hunt turns into a reality she wasn’t expecting.

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