Logging for a Bear by Charlie Richards (ePUB)

logging for bear, charlie richards

Logging for a Bear (Kontras Menagerie #38) by Charlie Richards – Free eBooks Download


On the Road: When a bear takes a stroll through the woods, he runs into the greatest gift of his life… or rather, that gift runs into him.

Years before, Valentine and the rest of his bear sleuth were captured, tortured, and bespelled by a circle of witches. Even after getting rescued, he still struggles with the aftereffects, and not just because the spells were reinforced with blood magick—demon blood, making them exceptionally difficult to counter. Finally, the Horseman of Death appears with the answer.
While the removal of the spells is nearly as agonizing and exhausting as having them placed on them in the first place, the sleuth still decides to go for a celebratory run. In his sluggishness, Valentine gets distracted by an enticing aroma and doesn’t move fast enough, getting struck by a logging truck. As he struggles to get away on three limbs, the driver exits the truck, and Valentine is hit by the realization that the human is his mate—Stone, according to the name on his shirt.

Even with a newly broken arm, Valentine realizes he just may be having the best and worst day of his life. He’s just met his mate… if he can find Stone, that is.

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