Lock Up the Darkness by Leia King (ePUB)

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Lock Up the Darkness (Walking with Monsters #1) by Leia King – Free eBooks Download


Bend the knee.

I broke their most important rule.
Now they’re determined to make me pay.

The Infidels rule the town of Hexwood with an iron fist that drips blood and terror.
Jonah Keller. The Savage. Their enforcer with an affinity for violence and bloodletting.
Killian Carmichael. The Prince. The flawless golden boy hiding a dark side, wielding his fan club like an army.
Asher Monroe. The Chameleon. A dangerous psychopath and a sadistic puppet master.

I came to this town, enrolling in Hexwood University, for one reason only.
To find out what happened to my dad.
And all roads led to the Infidels.
They’re keeping so many twisted secrets in their closets full of skeletons, I won’t let my dad become another.
I won’t stop until I get the answers I came for.

And they won’t stop until they wreck my world.
They stalk, terrorize, and punish.
I’m their newest plaything.
Their darkest obsession.

Little do they know, that’s exactly where I want them.
Infidels Reign.
That’s what their subjects utter in supplication.
We’ll see about that.

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