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lobo's mate, maddy barone

Lobo’s Mate (After the Crash #4.5) by Maddy Barone – Free eBooks Download


Gen survived a horrific plane crash that sent her to a future where women were rare and technology is only a memory. When her protector dies, she is pressured to choose a local man to marry. As a thirty-seven year old vet tech who has always made her own choices, she hates the idea of a forced marriage. But since she is the only woman in a hundred miles, what choice does she have? Pretending to be a witch won’t keep the local men at bay for long.
The man who calls himself Lobo is a loner who values his kin in the Lakota Wolf Clan and loves one thing: his Beagle. When his dog gets sick, he will do anything to find her help. He hears of a witch woman who can cure animals. When he goes to see her, he learns 3 things: She can help the Beagle, she was on the plane from the Times Before, and most shockingly, she is his mate.

Gen thought she was the only survivor of the plane crash. Lobo offers to take her to his cousin’s pack where other women from 2014 live. Is this the escape she’d hoped for? Lobo loves his dog, so he can’t be all bad, but he says he is a werewolf and she’s his mate. What’s a strong, independent woman stuck in a world where women are commodities to do?

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