Little Stolen Memories by Cheryl Bradshaw (ePUB)

little stolen memories, cheryl bradshaw

Little Stolen Memories (Georgiana Germaine #9) by Cheryl Bradshaw – Free eBooks Download


In a secluded cabin deep within the woods, an ominous stranger is about to change the lives of six unsuspecting teenagers forever …

When Owen ventures outside and mysteriously vanishes, Jackson and Aiden set out to find him. As night descends and the teen boys fail to return, Cora joins in the search. The silence of the woods is shattered when Cora stumbles upon a horrifying discovery—Jackson lying motionless in a pool of his own blood, his fragile life slipping away.
With every moment counting, Cora rushes for help, unaware of the danger lurking nearby. Someone steps out of the shadows, striking her on the side of the head with a heavy object. As her legs buckle beneath her, she sags to the ground, and everything around her goes black.

Little Stolen Memories is a haunting, pulse-pounding mystery of survival, deception, and intrigue that will hold you captive from the heart-stopping beginning to the unimaginable end.

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