Lion of War by Kathryn Le Veque (ePUB)

lion of war, kathryn le veque

Lion of War (De Lohr Dynasty: Sons of de Lohr #2) by Kathryn Le Veque – Free eBooks Download


The heir to Lioncross Abbey Castle makes his presence known.
Like all sons of de Lohr, Curtis de Lohr was born for war.
As the firstborn son of the Earl of Hereford and Worcester, England’s greatest knight during the reign of Richard I, Curtis grew up knowing what was expected of him and he thrived through the pressure. But the pressure was kept buried and, with all pressure, at some point it’s got to give.

With a reputation for being humorless, brutally honest, powerful, and fearless in battle, Curtis is the shining heir for the House of de Lohr. As the premier knight for Henry III, he performs flawlessly in every battle, every situation. When he is put to the test in Wales by laying siege to a castle that Henry wants very badly, the victory of that castle brings about a treaty of epic proportions – having a wife forced upon him in exchange for peace.
That changes everything.

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