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linc, kate randall

Linc (The Black Roses MC #1) by Kate Randall – Free eBooks Download


She never dreamed her salvation would come from a man on a black motorcycle who wears a MC patch.

The only thing I was sure of was people lied. They would say they loved you, but their fists would tell a different story. I had to leave, to run before he killed me.
When the enigmatic stranger I met once in a run-down diner finds me escaping, he takes the matter in his hands and gives my ex a taste of his own cruel medicine. A decision that cost my unlikely savior six years of his life.
I never forgot his warm touch, or the way I felt safe with him for a brief moment before I ran for my life.
Imagine my surprise when half a decade later our paths collide unexpectedly, and I discover he’s part of a powerful MC with ties to my vengeful ex.

I couldn’t walk away then, and nothing can make me now.
After losing my freedom for helping the beaten girl I found on the side of the road, I was determined to let her go. The only problem was her somber blue eyes that haunted me every night when I closed mine.
I never imagined I’d see her again, but fate had other plans. Now, she needs my protection more than ever. But this time around, she’s keeping secrets that could get her killed. And it isn’t only her ex who’s on the hunt for what she’s desperately trying to hide.

If this scared girl from my past can’t find a way to trust me with the truth, then it will be more than just her life that’s at stake.

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