Like a Good Neighbor by Drea Braddock (ePUB)

like good neighbor, drea braddock

Like a Good Neighbor (Oahu Naval Officers #1) by Drea Braddock – Free eBooks Download


She may hate to admit that she wants him, but he could be the one man she truly needs.

Hawai‘i may have lush green mountains and gorgeous beaches but I’m here for one thing and one thing only: my job. I plan on spending my time on O‘ahu becoming the best Navy Surface Warfare Officer I can be. Not the best female officer, the best officer, full stop, thank you very much.
Nothing is going to pull my focus, least of all the 6’5” wall of native Hawaiian muscle next door. Every look from his chocolatey eyes may set my body on fire, but he also pisses me off more than anyone I’ve ever met. I’m a driven, successful woman and I don’t have time for the likes of Ka‘eo Maheloha with his flirty smile and carefree vibe.
I don’t like to fail, and I sure as hell don’t like to be vulnerable. Shouldn’t the universe understand that someone so laid back and charming isn’t a good match for me and stop pushing us together? Because love isn’t something I want to get wrong, again. But if Ka‘eo and I together are wrong, then why does every moment we’re close feel so very right?
All I know is I’m not sure how to be who I’m supposed to be and protect my heart at the same time.

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