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lights out, kat ransom

Lights Out (The Donington Racing #1) by Kat Ransom – Free eBooks Download


Time moves fast on the racetrack.
It moves even faster when you’re being chased.
It’s a transpacific flight, my fresh start thousands of miles away from the danger that’s imprisoned me. Producing a new Formula 1 docuseries is my way out. I’m done cowering, hiding, and being afraid of what lurks in the shadows.
Nothing can touch me now.
Except maybe him…
Embedding with this Texas racing team just became a lot more attractive. The way he’s looking at me, with eyes so blue they should be illegal? I recognize a sexy smolder when I see one. Can sixteen hours on an airplane really change my life? Let’s find out…
This chick is insane. Hot, but delusional.
She’s prattling on about some documentary, says she’s moving in with me.
I’m an F1 racing driver. I’ve heard every pick-up line there is, but this takes the cake.
It’s a long flight in tight quarters. The way she’s blushing is doing things to me.
She’s just a stranger on a plane. I’ll never see her again.
She doesn’t know the real me, the monster that I am.
She’s being hunted.
I’m being chased.
Neither of us anticipated what started on that flight. Neither knew the stakes were so high.
Now, hearts, families, and lives are on the line. We’re in for a hell of a collision when the lights go out.

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