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life seed, leah freeman

Life Seed (Bound Lovers #1) by Leah Freeman – Free eBooks Download


Life Seed…That’s what they called it.

The one thing that gave nearly eternal beauty and life but also left most infertile. Those that could still give birth were elevated. Those that gave birth to a daughter were worshiped.
Those who could create the Seed where Bound.
Everly had grown up in the High Houses, among the eternal beauty of those who could still give birth. Women who took the Seed they needed while keeping their Bound Men as beautiful trophies until they were too old and needed to be replaced. Mistresses do not care about their Bound Man’s happiness, and they certainly don’t fall in love with him.
Playing the part of an obedient Bound Man, Caden follows his Mistress’s every command. Forever in her shadow, none of the other Mistress’s pay attention to his roaming eye. He has only ever wanted one thing for himself and the other Bound – Freedom. That is until he meets a Mistress like no other.
In order to have each other, both will have to make a choice. Keep the lives they were born into or….find a reason to escape.

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