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lex, aj marcus

Lex (The Watchers #3) by A.J. Marcus, Caitlin Ricci – Free eBooks Download


When he discovers an apprentice and her protective and sexy single father, Lex’s life takes some very dramatic turns.

As the Watcher for the Northeast, Lex loves lobster, being in the woods, and men. That last part, though, he keeps hidden from the other Watchers, because they’re supposed to be above physical desires. He gets his fill of men from the local shifter clubs whenever he’s out doing his Watcher duties, and this time is no different. A hot guy, a night of dancing, and he’s out the door again without anyone knowing more than his name.
But things take unexpected turn. The last man he danced with is Tucker, and his daughter is a young, untrained Watcher. Addie is headstrong, demanding, and more than Lex can handle. He never thought a seven-year-old little girl would be a match for him, but she is, and worse, her father drives Lex nuts one minute and makes him think about the impossibilities of forever in the next.

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