Letters from a Sinful Colonel by Daphne Pierce (ePUB)

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Letters from a Sinful Colonel by Daphne Pierce – Free eBooks Download


The charming Lady Rachel Hampton grew up in a very powerful but conservative family, having everything but her precious freedom. As her parents excluded her from London’s sinful high society, she was left alone, dreaming of a love that could release her from her golden cage. Yet, when the time to find a match arrives, an arranged marriage will destroy her hopes for true happiness. Little did she know that after the commission of her portrait, the most passionate and wicked man was about to appear in her life and change her world forever. Rachel’s meeting with the attractive artist will tantalise her innocent mind and stimulate her most inappropriate thoughts. When his flaming touch sets her heart on fire, will Rachel finally fight for her scandalous romance against her parents’ will?
William Smith, a very desirable and talented artist in London, is an enticing, wild at heart, and fiery young man. After Rachel’s parents hire him to paint her portrait, he quickly realises she is the most tempting woman he has ever laid eyes on, and completely different from all the pretentious ladies of the ton. Nevertheless, things turn dangerously complicated when he finds himself unable to resist her pure beauty and the fierce desire that burns between them. Knowing that he is diving into a perilous situation with her, will he manage to control his untamed passion?
Rachel and William’s guilty game of seduction starts from the very first painting session and leads them into a secret lustful affair. They may come from different classes, but the hot flame of attraction between them triggers their love that grows stronger every day. However, when their hot romance is exposed by Rachel’s parents, it seems that their affection will face a most cruel society that utterly demands their separation. Will Rachel and William choose to risk it all for the sake of their forbidden temptation or will their connection be overshadowed by their merciless misfortune?

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