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letters and lies, alexis ashlie

Letters and Lies (Second Chances #4) by Alexis Ashlie – Free eBooks Download


Being the kid sister to a stunning beauty can suck, especially when the guy you secretly have a crush on marries her. It hurt to watch him love her . . . and it hurt to watch her cheat on him. Now they’re divorced, and my sister has moved on to yet another conquest.
Then I find myself being asked one more favor: to deliver a mysterious box to Jonathan, one that my sister has kept secret for years. I hate the idea of seeing him again, but family is family, and I reluctantly agree to play courier.
All I have to do is find him, hand over the package, and walk away. . . . But damn, he’s finer now than he was when he was my brother-in-law!

Marrying Sabrina turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life. When we were dating, she seemed to be one of the most thoughtful, interesting, and sensitive girls I’d ever known, and I didn’t only fall in love with her, I fell in love with the sweet letters and poems she sent me.
I’m shocked when her kid sister Maya turned up to deliver a package from my ex-wife . . . and devastated when I learn the secret behind those letters, and the woman I thought I was falling in love with.

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