Let’s Start Over by Ajme Williams (ePUB)

let's start over, ajme williams

Let’s Start Over (Billionaire Secrets #3) by Ajme Williams – Free eBooks Download


I have a child with a man whose real name I don’t even know…
No, I’m not crazy.
I’m just careless.
Or rather, I was careless.
At 18, I met an older man on vacation.
Never asked his name, but we sure as hell made a baby together.
Today, when I finally meet him, I find out he’s going to be my boss.
Life has to be joking around with me.
Well, his real name is Archer.
At least I know that much about my baby daddy!
Archer wants to give us a second chance.
That was after he found out he’s got a daughter.
My answer is no.
We could share a child, but I refuse to give him my heart.
Not when I know his own heart is closed off.
But what do I do when he puts his arm around me and gives me goosebumps?
Oh boy, I feel 18 all over again and I have a feeling that another mistake is right around the corner…

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