Lethal Beauty by K.C. Ramsey (ePUB)

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Lethal Beauty (Accardi Tactical #1) by K.C. Ramsey – Free eBooks Download


Working in the shadows is impossible when someone is watching your every move, and I don’t mean my adoring and not-so-adoring fans. I might not have followed my brothers’ footsteps in joining the military, but I’m not the helpless supermodel they, and the rest of the world, know me to be. Their meddling into my life with misguided good intentions has put me in more danger, not less.
What they don’t understand is the deadliest member of the Accardi family is the one nobody suspects. Now I need to figure out how to keep my secret from the one man I don’t want to lie to, so I can do the job I was born to.

There’s more to Lessia Accardi than anyone’s been led to believe. As I spend time with her, protecting her, getting the know her, I quickly realize she might be crazier—and scarier—than any obsessed fan out there. The more I see behind Alessia’s public sexy mask, the more questions I have.
I’m going to figure out what she’s up to—that is, if I can keep her safe and out of trouble long enough. She can protest all she wants about not being a damsel in distress, but real life doesn’t guarantee the good guys live, and one thing I learned in the military is everyone needs someone to watch their back.
It all comes down to whether she will trust me enough to let me see the woman behind the façade, and if I’m enough to keep her safe.

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