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lee, kimberly rae jordan

Lee (The Halversons #6) by Kimberly Rae Jordan – Free eBooks Download


Lee Halverson had been happily living his life away from Serenity Point… until he was laid off from his job and his girlfriend broke up with him. Now he’s back in his small hometown, but he isn’t sure if that’s where he’s going to stay.
Uncertainty has infiltrated every part of Lee’s life, from his job and his ex-relationship to his knowledge of his past. Though he’s taken steps to achieve some stability in his career and to gain the information he wants regarding what led to him being adopted by the Halversons, Lee’s still not sure what direction his life will take.
Though Aurora Harlow-Gray has parents and several siblings, she lives a solitary life. She’s alone in a crowded world, only seeing her family when they need something from her. Like watching a spoiled cat.
Currently between jobs, Rori has come to Serenity to cat-sit for her mom so she and her latest wealthy husband can go on a cruise. When the snobbish cat refuses to purr for her, Rori decides to take her to the vet just to make sure everything is okay. The handsome vet reassures her the cat is fine, which leaves Rori feeling embarrassed at having overreacted.
Still, on a whim, Rori asks if the vet clinic has an opening for a receptionist. When it turns out they do, she makes the decision to uproot her life and move to Serenity. Not to be closer to her mom, but to live in a beautiful place with a name that appeals to her.
Though she assumes she’ll continue to live a solitary life similar to the one she’s left behind, Rori quickly learns that won’t be the case. The new people in her life seem to actually want to be around her. And in addition to their offers of friendship, they introduce her to a faith that brings her a hope she’s never had before.
Then there’s Lee. A man who’s as sweet as he is handsome. It’s no surprise to Rori when she develops a crush on the man. But knowing that nothing will come of that crush, she figures friendship is the next best thing, not realizing that Lee comes with a bunch of siblings who are only too willing to welcome her into their lives. It’s all very new to her, however, so she’s cautious about accepting their overtures of friendship.
Lee hadn’t planned to get involved with a woman again until he had some answers about his past. However, his heart cares not even a little bit about that plan as he gets to know Rori. But when he receives information about his birth family, Lee regrets not moving forward with more caution.
Will he and Rori have the strength to deal with the revelations that have come to light? Or will fear gain the upper hand and destroy what they’ve been building together?

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