Learning the Ropes by Kessily Lewel (ePUB)

learning ropes, kessily jewel

Learning the Ropes (Rough Daddy #1) by Kessily Lewel – Free eBooks Download


Nick doesn’t date vanilla women.
For him, a woman has to want the sweet and the spicy.
But Katie’s different.
When he falls hard for the sassy bartender of the Dusty Coyote, he realizes that it doesn’t matter if she’s kinky. He has to have her.
Katie doesn’t date cowboys. That’s a one-way ticket to misery and the last thing she needs in her life is more heartbreak.
But Nick is different.
Something about the cowboy calls to her, and she quickly falls in love with the rough Daddy side of him, even if she’s not entirely sure she wants to submit and make it all real yet.
But when the rodeo comes to town, Katie is faced with a terrifying reminder of just how dangerous the life of a cowboy can be— and she’s just not sure she can handle it.
Now, they’re both left with difficult decisions, and what they choose will determine whether a future together will work… or not.

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