Lawyer Wolf’s New Nanny by J. S. Striker (ePUB)

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Lawyer Wolf’s New Nanny (Midlife Mates #4) by J. S. Striker – Free eBooks Download


Cherrytown’s hotshot single lawyer needs a live-in nanny to take care of his baby girl.
He unknowingly hires an old highschool fling and it is very apparent the attraction still simmers.
Will they be able to remain professional and control their impulses?
Damian. Damian was…
Oh, God.
“You need to stop following a predator on its turf. You can’t trust every shifter you meet,” he said, voice low but not smooth. It held the vestiges of a wolf’s growl, the animalistic form crawling inside her. Oddly enough, it made her calmer as she came to terms with bits and pieces starting from when she had first met the wolf.
“You’re not a wolf,” she blurted out.
“I am, but not just a wolf.”
“That’s why you were so tame.”
“I’m not tame,” he said harshly. “I didn’t attack you because you were familiar and I have self-control. Others won’t.”
“The pack here…”
“I don’t know if they’re from my pack because this is very far from Cherrytown.” She must have looked stricken as he nodded. “Yes, there are others in my town. Good people. But sometimes, it only takes one temptation for those lacking that self-control. It’s best to stay away when shifters are out, especially during the full moon.”

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