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Last Minute (Black Swan Protection Novellas #4) by Ashley Funk – Free eBooks Download


The heat begins to build within me; I grip the glass in my hand, feeling a wave of unfamiliar emotions wash over me. “Bella,” I let out, eager to see more of her. My stomach flutters with nervous energy and my blood runs hot. I can’t help but watch as she moves across the stage, her perfect body on display. She is unlike anyone I have ever seen before. I don’t even need to see her complete face to know that she is stunning; it emanates from her entire being. My heart pounds in my chest, beats echoing loudly in my ears with every movement she makes. Fuck, I think I am falling in love.

I couldn’t stop watching him as he walked away, his words slicing into me like a sharp blade. It seemed strange that someone I barely knew could impact me so deeply. Now, I find myself overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions – longing, regret, and attraction. For once, I didn’t feel like just an object. At that moment, I yearned for his touch, wanting to please him. Yet, I remain here, unable to pursue him or fully let my guard down due to the risks involved. Despite trying to push the thoughts away, his words echo in my mind.
“I want all of you… I need all of you… desperately. Fuck, little mamas”

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