Last Gift: Supernatural Battle by Kelly St. Clare (ePUB)

last gift, kelly st clare

Last Gift: Supernatural Battle (Coven Caves #3) by Kelly St. Clare – Free eBooks Download


The pendant, gem, dagger, and robe of a dead woman have decided my fate.
Now over three hundred magus look to me to save them from the impossibly powerful demon king.

It’s safe to say my life took a little turn. But defeating a mere demon army would make life too simple. The demon king’s magic also permeates the knolls, driving the wedge of discord deep in the coven. So much has changed. So many are uncertain. Suspicion and uncertainty will find their target.
The burden of my secret heritage weighs heavy, and yet there’s no option but to shoulder this as I sit on a throne I never wanted. Further upheaval could see everyone around me die. Though if Wild and I can’t figure out why our mating ritual suddenly stopped, we’ll be dead before the demons even arrive.
If you can’t get enough of books by Annette Marie, Laura Thalassa, or C.N. Crawford, or just the paranormal romance genre in general, then dive into this supernatural world where the prize is love, and failure means death.

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