Lassoing My Neighbor by J.P. Comeau (ePUB)

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Lassoing My Neighbor (Wild Hearts of Yellowstone Creek Ranch #5) by J.P. Comeau – Free eBooks Download


Muscles defined by the Wyoming sun’s kiss, Connor Brooks claims he’s come home to heal within the folds of family. Yet the yearning in his gaze unveils a different truth, stirring a wild longing within me, leaving me yearning with an inescapable hunger. Bound by the heritage of the Shoshone, our passion must dwell in silence, forbidden yet unforgotten.
But in our love’s quiet shadow, ancient secrets await their dawn—secrets cradled in the land we both cherish. A tribal burial ground whispers of turmoil etched into history, yet it also sings a hymn of hope for what lies ahead.
In the secrecy of our world, our love ignites an inferno, hidden yet burning fiercely. The life burgeoning within me whispers promises of a new beginning, yet it also stirs the murmurs of judgment. Together, Connor and I navigate the complexities of our intertwined worlds as he tends to his ailing father and the demands of the ranch.
With the steadfast beat of the new life inside me and the rich heritage flowing through our veins, I stand resolute. The love that Connor and I have ignited will not be extinguished by the lurking shadows of doubt and tradition.

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