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lassoed love, elle mariah

Lassoed Love (Wattle Creek #1) by Elle Mariah – Free eBooks Download


In the heart of Wattle Creek, New South Wales, Xavier Mitchell shoulders the weight of generational expectations on his sturdy farmer’s shoulders. As the gruff guardian of the Mitchell family farm, he’s dedicated his life to the fields, dutifully sticking to tradition while suppressing his own desires. Known as the town’s stoic figure, Xavier’s world takes an unexpected turn when Isla Thompson, a vivacious veterinarian, re enters his life after years apart. The once-quiet landscape of Xavier’s existence is disrupted as he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the fiery allure of Isla, a woman who challenges the very foundations of his structured reality.

In pursuit of her dreams, Isla Thompson escaped the confines of small-town life, earning her place as a successful veterinarian in the city. Fresh from the embers of a failed relationship and haunted by the shadow of her estranged father, Isla returns to Wattle Creek, seeking new beginnings as she embarks on a journey for her career. An unforeseen encounter with Xavier Mitchell, a man from her chaotic past, thrusts her back into a world she thought she had left behind. As Xavier’s charm threatens to unravel the fabric of Isla’s newfound life, she battles with the unexpected emotions resurfacing from their shared history.

In this quiet town of Wattle Creek, Xavier and Isla must navigate the complications of their intertwined lives. Can they rewrite the narrative of their history, or will the echoes of the past dictate the future of their newfound connection? Step into the fields of passion and surrender to the enchanting dance of love in this poignant tale of rediscovery, second chances, and the enduring power of desire.

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