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larissa, erin r flynn

Larissa (Naughty Witches #5) by Erin R Flynn – Free eBooks Download


Always being afraid and on the run is exhausting and hard on the body. Larissa Carter has been hiding from her abusive, psychotic parents for over a decade and can’t stop looking over her shoulder.
Jackson, Jesse, and Jared Baker were a mistake that their mother made and she never let them forget it. She never cared about them and they were out of her house the moment they were eighteen and she could pretend they never existed.
And to everyone else, they’re always a package deal. “Useless” as males with magic blood but not able to practice.
So when they meet a gorgeous, terrified woman who wants to hide from the world but needs them, they’re sunk. She sees them as individuals and they each want a different part of her.
But with a threat looming over Larissa’s head that she knows she can’t defeat, she doesn’t think taking a risk with her heart is worth it. The triplets are more than willing to step up and prove to her that they’re what she deserves.

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