Lane’s Lost Kitten by Della Cain (ePUB)

lane's lost kitten, della cain

Lane’s Lost Kitten (Found by Daddy #9) by Della Cain, Kaytea Kat – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes you need to lose something to find the one thing you didn’t know was missing.

Moving to a new city, into a new apartment building, fresh off the heels of a shittastic breakup is a whole lotta change at once. I’m officially not a fan. At least my landlord is hot…hot and straight. That’s probably for the best. I don’t exactly have my life together.
When my kitten goes missing, I’m at a loss. I’ve always been so careful not to leave my door open and have no idea how she got out. All I know is that she is out there in the big world all alone, and it’s somehow my fault.
So what do I do? Sob loud enough for my landlord to hear. He offers to help me find Cat-terine, and when we do, he gives me a hug—a hug that doesn’t feel very straight. Now what?

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