La Carnicera by Yolanda Olson (ePUB)

la carnicera, yolanda olson

La Carnicera (The Sicarios of Navolato #1) by Yolanda Olson – Free eBooks Download


I was raised a poor girl in the streets of Sinaloa.
When my family died during a turf war, I was taken away to Navolato to start over anew.
I thought I would be safer here.
That the life that had been taken from me in a hail of bullets and rage would stay where I left it.
And that’s when he found me. Crying, begging in the streets for spare change, hoping for someone to see me instead of through me.
El Señor.
He took me in.
Cared for me as one of his own, raised me next to his daughter, and made me into the killer that I am today.
In his name, I shed the blood of his enemies and reap whatever rewards he deems fit.
My name is Ana Sofia De la Cruz.
Everyone knows me as La Carnicera; one of the most feared Sicarios of the Navolato Cartel.
Either you’re with us or against us.
And if you’re against us …
Corre pequeño conejo.

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